A specific feeling could signal prostate cancer – it could wake you up at night

However, where this happens will depend a lot on the parts of the body affected by the tumor. A common place for prostate cancer to spread is the bones, which cause a specific type of pain that can strike at night.

According to the National Cancer Institute: “The most common symptom of cancer that has spread to the bone is bone pain. It’s usually there most of the time and can wake you up at night. The pain can be a ‘dull ache’ of a stabbing pain.”

As bones are progressively weakened by the disease, they may be increasingly prone to breaking and fracturing. New test can diagnose prostate cancer in black men
New test can diagnose prostate cancer in black men.

Prostate Cancer UK notes: “Bone pain is a very specific feeling. Some men describe it as a feeling similar to a toothache, but in the bones, or as a stabbing pain. It can get worse when you move and can make the area tender to the touch. Each man’s experience of bone pain will be different. The pain can be constant or it can come and go.”

How bad it is, however, will also vary and may depend on where the affected bone is located. Cancer cells spread to the bones by breaking away from the prostate gland and escaping attack by the immune system, allowing them to travel to the bones.

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