Start the day by drinking water, it is very important

Drinking water has significant benefits for our overall health, according to WW’s senior director of global clinical research and nutrition, Michelle Cardel. “It helps the functioning of our body, by properly regulating the body temperature, but also the whole process of digestion, at the same time significantly strengthening our brain”.

Even if you’re slightly dehydrated, up to 2%, you can experience symptoms like headaches, dizziness, irritability, difficulty concentrating and more, according to research. Water makes up 60% of our body weight, and staying hydrated throughout the day is important to our overall health and well-being, scientists conclude.

By starting the day drinking water, we help our body to hydrate smoothly and not be forced to drink a lot of water suddenly towards the end or in the middle of the day when we realize that until that moment we only drank coffee. “Drinking water when you start your day prevents dehydration. By following a morning routine, you adopt better attitudes towards your body and the rest of the day. You just need to know that there is no magic amount of water that you should drink every morning,” concludes Cardel.

Starting and ending your day with water is the best way to give yourself a wellness reminder. It also helps you feel more alive as it significantly boosts your energy levels. According to the expert, “the color of your urine is what shows how much water your body needs to hydrate”.

Although water is good to consume in the morning, experts explain that it does not offer anything very specific, as is often said. It doesn’t help you lose weight or burn calories. It hydrates and protects the body, but there are some distinct lines between what is myth and what is truth when the word revolves around the most important element in our lives.

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