TikTok removes 3.8 million violative videos in the Philippines

Social media platform TikTok has announced that it removed 3.8 million videos from its platform in the Philippines during the third quarter of 2023 due to various violations. The violations included violence, hateful behavior, illegal activities, harassment and bullying, self-harm, misinformation, and disinformation.


Toff Rada, the Philippines Public Policy Head of TikTok, stressed that the platform takes violations of its Community Guidelines seriously. Videos were either removed proactively or upon being reported by viewers. Rada emphasised that online safety is a shared responsibility and urged users to report violent content. Most video removals occurred immediately after videos were posted, thanks to TikTok’s 40,000-member content moderation team, which includes local-speaking moderators. These moderators ensure culturally sensitive and effective content moderation within the Filipino community.

Mona Magno-Veluz, a content creator and the only Filipino TikTok Safety Advisory Council member highlighted the need for content creators to produce positive and truthful content in compliance with the platform’s policies. She also urged creators to consider their videos’ potential impact on users and society. Magno-Veluz advised parents to actively monitor their children’s social media usage, recommending limited screen time for younger children and engaging in conversations with older children to guide their online experiences.

Why does it matter?

TikTok’s removal of 3.8 million videos in the Philippines demonstrates its commitment to maintaining a safe and responsible online environment. The collaboration of their content moderation team, including local-speaking moderators, aids in swiftly identifying and removing violative content.

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